15 Pretty Pixie Cuts

Pixie hairstyle changed the faces and the careers of many hottest stars. When Anne Hathaway, Chelsea Kane and Miley Cyrus chopped off their strands into short haircuts, it was as if we were seeing these celebrities for the very first time. Getting one of the latest, best pixie cuts is a reliable way to add some youthful style and draw attention to your face, especially your eyes! And the great advantage of this incredible new trend is that it suits all age groups and can be adjusted to flatter most face shapes, too! So whether you want a new style that easy to protect or a contemporary cut to bring you up-to-date, there‚Äôs a wonderful pixie cut just waiting for you to discover it! We’ve rounded up 15 Pretty Pixie Cuts for you to get inspired.

1. Pretty Long Pixie with Headband

Pretty Pixie with Headband

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2. Pretty Dark Thick Pixie Cut

Pretty Dark Pixie Cut

3. Pretty Red Straight Pixie Haircut

Pretty Red Pixie Haircuts

4. Pretty Long Straight Pixie

Pretty Long Pixies

5. Pretty Layered Pixie Hairstyle

Pretty Layered Pixie Cuts

6. Pretty Short Pixie Style

Pretty Short Pixie Cuts

7. Pretty Short Layered Fine Pixie Haircut

Pretty Short Layered Fine Pixie Cuts

8. Pretty Short Fine Pixie Style

Pretty Short Fine Pixie Hair

9. Pretty Longer Pixie Hair

Pretty Longer Pixie Hair

10. Pretty Side Shaved Pixie Cut

Pretty Side Shaved Pixie Hair

11. Pretty Straight Pixie Cut for Girls

Pretty Straight Pixie Cuts Ideas

12. Pretty Wavy Pixie Cut for Women

Pretty Wavy Pixie Cuts

13. Pretty Trendy Pixie Cut with Highlights

Pretty Trendy Pixie Cuts

14. Stylish Pretty Dark Pixie Cut

Stylish Pretty Pixie Cuts

15. Pretty Ginger Pixie Cute Hair Cut

Pretty Pixie Cute Hair Cuts Ideas