15 New Funky Pixie Cuts

Short haircuts can look extremely fun and flirty on most women hence this is the main reason that why these 15 New Funky Pixie Cuts are trending between these women all around the word. This extremely short pixie cuts with subtle light purple or platinum white colors looks totally awesome for women that are a little bit more brave and bold with their hair styles.Bend the rules of ordinariness with some fashionable funky hairstyles that are guaranteed to turn heads and get attention. Creative hair coloring is a perfect choice if you feel funky and like to experiment a new style. The color is used to increase your personality, complete your hair cut and making it unique.

If you want to have a pixie haircut but you don’t know which type of pixie cut works for you, here is the list of funky pixie haircuts for women that can help you get that unique haircut that will make look cute and different from others.

1. Funky Pixie Cut

Funky Pixie Cuts

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2. Funky Pixie Haircut

Funky Pixie Haircuts

3. Funky Pixie

Funky Pixie Cut

4. Funky Short Pixie Haircut

Funky Short Pixie Haircuts

5. Short Funky Pixie Cut

Short Funky Pixie Cuts


Funky Pixie Cuts-6


Funky Pixie Cuts-7


Funky Pixie Cuts-8


Funky Pixie Cuts-9


Funky Pixie Cuts-10


Funky Pixie Cuts-11


Funky Pixie Cuts-12


Funky Pixie Cuts-13


Funky Pixie Cuts-14


Funky Pixie Cuts-15