10 Actresses with Pixie Cuts

Have you ever noticed what a complete difference a haircut can make? This is particularly true when you go from one extreme length to another. It’s even more shocking when it’s your favorite celeb that has made such a drastic change! Sometimes it’s just time for a drastic change. Take a look at the celebs who’ve chopped their long tresses in favor of a pixie hairstyle. Get a major dose of inspiration from these stylish 10 Actresses with Pixie Cuts.

1. Actress with Long Pixie Cut

Best Actresses with Pixie Cuts

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2. Actress with Short Pixie Cut

Actresses Blonde Pixie Cuts

3. Actress with Dark Curly Pixie Haircut

Actresses with Dark Pixie Haircuts

4. Actress Spiky Highlighted Pixie Haircut

Actresses Spiky Pixie Haircuts

5. Actress Brown Straight Pixie Haircut

Actresses Brown Pixie Haircuts

6. Actress Wavy Light Brown Pixie Haircut

Actresses Wavy Brown Pixie Haircuts

7. Cute Actress Dark Very Short Pixie Haircut

Cute Actresses Dark Pixie Haircuts

8. Actress Retro Short Pixie Hair

Actresses Retro Pixie Hair Cuts

9. Blonde Actress Fine Pixie Hair

Blonde Actresses Pixie Hair Cuts

10. Actress Growing Pixie Hairstyle

Actresses Growing Pixie Hair Ideas