10 Half Shaved Pixie Cuts

Nearly every woman has had, or has thought about, chopping it all off and getting a pixie haircut! Who wouldn’t love the independence and ease that comes with these low-maintenance styles? With so many celebrities confidently taking the risk of shaving off a section of their hair, the appeal of the undercut or half-shaved style is clear. We’ve seen them take over the red carpet in recent years and we definitely love how chic and modern they make those Hollywood starlets look. It’s an edgy statement that is incredibly stylish, adds contrast to loose, glamorous waves, and is even more courageous than a pixie cut. Those amazing half-shaved pixie styles have been gaining some real popularity among celebrities and even normally conservative clients alike! In this article, we’ve collected 10 Half Shaved Pixie Cuts. Check out them and choose your next style.

1. Half Shaved Blonde Pixie Cut

Best Half Shaved Pixie Cut

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2. Half Shaved Straight Pixie

Straight Half Shaved Pixie

3. Half Shaved Long Pixie Blonde Hair

Half Shaved Pixie Blonde Hair

4. Half Shaved Short Back Spiky Pixie Haircut

Half Shaved Short Back Pixie Haircut

5. Side Undercut Shaved Long Pixie

Side Undercut Shaved Pixie Cuts

6. Side Shaved Curly Dark Pixie

Side Shaved Curly Pixie Cuts

7. Blonde Side Shaved Curly Pixie Cut

Blonde Side Shaved Curly Pixie Hair

8. Side Shaved and Slicked Back Classy Pixie

Side Shaved Classy Pixie Cuts

9. Side Shaved Messy Dark Pixie Cut

Side Shaved Messy Dark Pixie

10. Side Shaved Blonde Pixie Hair

Side Shaved Blonde Pixie Cuts