10+ Modern Pixie Cuts

Pixie hairstyles capture the essence of feminine beauty by framing the cheekbones, highlighting the eyes and elongating the neck. It’s a look that combines both effortless and chic. Pixie cuts reflect a strong personality and may be opposed to feminine romantic styles with soft flowing lines and sleek textures. Below there are examples of 10+ Modern Pixie Cuts which you may adopt as an idea for your big renewal. Check them out and get inspired!

1. Modern Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Best Modern Pixie Cut

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2. Modern Long Brown Pixie Haircut

Modern Long Pixie Haircuts

3. Modern Thick Pixie Hairdo

Modern Pixie Hairdo

4. Modern Short Fine Pixie Cut

Modern Short Pixie Cuts

5. Modern Dark Pixie Cut Back View

Modern Pixie Cut Back View Look

6. Chic Modern Brown Pixie Haircut

Chic Modern Pixie Haircuts


7. Short Modern Pixie for Older Women

Short Modern Pixie Cuts

8. Modern Long Layered Pixie Cut

Modern Long Pixie Cuts

9. Modern Dark Brown Straight Pixie Cut

Modern Dark Brown Pixie Cuts

10. Bleached Blonde Long Modern Pixie Cut

Blonde Long Modern Pixie Cuts

11. Modern Stylish Platinum Pixie Cut

Modern Stylish Pixie Cuts


12. Modern Long Pixie Cut with Bangs

Modern Women Pixie Cuts