15 Nice Shaved Pixie Cuts

Pixie hair is a hot and popular hairstyle for women. It has plenty of advantages to give us a fabulous look when compared with medium to long hairstyles. Most of the pixie haircut are featured with short layers which can be tapered to fit all kinds of face shapes. This year, we can see the cool undercut and shaved side shapes are being added into the short pixie for a more impressive style. Keep your top layers in a longer length which will add a subtle feminine sense into your hair look. For more details, check out our 15 Nice Shaved Pixie Cuts pictures below! This season, you can wear a perfect combination of the shaved sides with pixie.

1. Shaved Pixie Cut for Women

Nice Shaved Pixie Cuts


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2. Shaved Platinum Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Shaved Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

3. Shaved Long Highlighted Pixie Hairstyle

Shaved Long Pixie Hairstyles


4. Shaved Side Curly Pixie Haircut

Shaved Curly Pixie Haircuts


5. Shaved Straight Blonde Pixie Haircut

Shaved Straight Pixie Haircuts


6. Shaved Undercut Wavy Pixie Haircut

Shaved Undercut Pixie Haircuts

7. Shaved Pixie Fine Hair Style

Shaved Pixie Haircuts Style


8. Shaved Messy Blonde Pixie Hair Style

Shaved Messy Pixie Hair Style

9. Shaved Casual Blonde Pixie Hair Style

Shaved Casual Pixie Hair Style

10. Shaved Faux Dark Pixie Hair Style

Shaved Faux Pixie Hair Style

11. Shaved Pixie White Hair Style for Women

Shaved Pixie Hair Style for Women


12. Shaved Dark Shaved Side Pixie Hair

Shaved Dark Pixie Hairstyles

13. Shaved Thick Red Pixie Hair

Shaved Thick Pixie Hair Cuts

14. Shaved Blonde Nice Pixie Hair with Undercut

Shaved Blonde Nice Pixie Hair

15. Chic Shaved Side Pixie Hair

Chic Shaved Pixie Cuts