15 Pixie Cut Colors

If you are planning to experiment with your pixie hairstyle you can combine it with elements of other styles for a fresh new look. Bangs look perfect with most pixie cuts, and you can get bangs that either reach down to your eye level, or remain high up on the forehead, making a frame for your hairline. You can get creative with the hairline by keeping it straight right across, or going for a slanted style in which the fringe starts very short on one corner and gets progressively longer for an edgy modern look. Try hair colors or highlights on parts of your pixie hairstyle to make heads turn. A touch of color for the front strands looks actually cool with modern pixie haircuts. We brought you pretty pastel hair inspiration and amazing different lock looks, but get ready for this. Today, we are presenting with you 15 Pixie Cut Colors that will make you a rainbow-haired junkie.

1. Red Pixie Cut Color

Best Pixie Cut Colors

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2. Pastel Colored Pixie Hair

Pastel Pixie Hair Colors

3. Highlighted Hair Color for Pixie Cuts

Best Hair Colors for Pixie Cuts

4. Pixie Bob Ginger Hair Color

Pixie Bob Cut Hair Colors

5. Messy Pixie Cut Dark Color

Best Messy Pixie Cut Colors

6. Brown Fine Pixie Hair Color

Best Brown Pixie Hair Colors

7. Brown Hair Color for Pinned Pixie Cuts

Nice Brown Hair Colors for Pixie Cuts

8. Cute Spiked Messy Pixie Cut Hair Color

Best Messy Pixie Cut Hair Colors

9. Grey Purple Pixie Cut Hair Pastel Color

Grey Purple Pixie Cut Hair Colors

10. Blonde Layered Pixie Cut Hair Color

Nice Blonde Pixie Cut Hair Colors

11. Dark Red Pixie Cut Hair Color

Nice Red Pixie Cut Hair Colors

12. Dark and Red Lighted Straight Pixie Cut Hair Color

Dark and Red Lighted Pixie Cut Hair Colors

13. Pastel Purple Longer Pixie Cut Color

Best Pastel Purple Pixie Cut Colors

14. Silver Nice Grey Pixie Cut Color

Nice Grey Pixie Cut Colors Ideas

15. Blonde Balyage Layered Pixie Cut Color

Blonde Balyage Pixie Cut Colors