15+ Pixie Cut Wavy Hair
If you’ve always had long hair, the thought of getting and styling a pixie hair cut might seem intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Pixie cuts are super elegant, edgy and quite versatile despite the fact that you have quite short hair with the cut. Pixie cuts can be low maintenance as you can leave the hairstyle a few months to grow out before having to cut it again. Most pixie styles look nice with wavy hair. If you’re an stunning, strong-willed woman full of confidence, you would be able to pull off a super-short, vixen pixie-cut with ease. Check out these 15+ Pixie Cut Wavy Hair and choose your next style!

1. Cutest Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair

Best Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair Source

2. Wavy Pixie Cut Wavy Hair

Best Pixie Cut Wavy Hair Source

3. Blonde Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair

Nice Pixie Cuts for Wavy Hair Source

4. Dark Thick Pixie Haircut for Wavy Hair

Dark Pixie Haircuts for Wavy Hair Source

5. Blonde Layered Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair

Blonde Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair Ideas

6. Long Fine Pixie Haircut for Wavy Hair

Long Pixie Haircuts for Wavy Hairstyles Source

7. Sexy Dark Pixie Cut Wavy Hair

Dark Pixie Cut Wavy Hairstyles

8. Undercut Dark Pixie Wavy Hair

Undercut Pixie Wavy Hairstyles

9. Long Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie Wavy Hair

Long Asymmetrical Pixie Wavy Hairstyles Source

10. Very Short Highlighted Pixie Wavy Hair

Very Short Pixie Wavy Hairstyles

11. Thick Short Messy Pixie Wavy Hair

Thick Short Pixie Wavy Hairstyles

12. Ginger Layered Pixie Wavy Hair

Ginger Pixie Wavy Hairstyles

13. Messy Thick Pixie Wavy Hair

Messy Pixie Wavy Hairstyles

14. Celeb Fine Wavy Hair Pixie

Fine Wavy Hair Pixie Cuts

15. Wavy Dark Hair Pixie with Side Bangs

Wavy Dark Hair Pixie Styles

16. Cute Wavy Blonde Pixie

Cute Wavy Pixie Hair