40 Best Pixie Hair

It’s no surprise that so many stars opt for super short pixie cuts. Aside from being low-maintenance, a short style puts more focus on the face and adds more attitude to their whole look. The pixie cut was decidedly the hottest hair trend this year. Some haircuts are true game changers and they don’t get more statement making than the iconic pixie crop. If you’re contemplating a pixie crop then these top 40 Best Pixie Hair are the ones you need to consult before you chop. From Emma Watson’s boyish look, Shailene Woodley’s messy crop, to Victoria Beckham’s dark short crop and Rihanna’s cute cut this edit is pixie crop perfection.

1. Long Pixie Cut Tumblr Style

Pixie Cut Tumblr

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2. Pixie Dark Hair

Pixie Cut with Bangs

3. Pixie Dark Wavy Hair

Wavy Pixie Hair

4. Spiked Pixy Hair Design

Cool Pixies Hair Design

5. Wedding Blonde Pixie Hair

Wedding Pixie Haired

6. Lilac Fine Pixie

Best Lilac Pixie

7. Straight Pixie Cut with Accessory

Best Pixie Cut with Accessories

8. Emma Watson Fine Pixie Cut Hair

Best Emma Watson Pixie Cut Hair

9. Trendy Brown Pixie Cut Hair

Trendy Pixie Cut Hair

10. Short Straight Fine Pixie Cut Hair

Short Straight Pixie Cut Hair

11. Spiky Pixie Grey Cut Hair

Spiky Pixie Cut Hair

12. Shailene Woodley Blonde Pixie

Best Woodley Shailene Pixie

13. Victoria Beckham Dark Hair

Victoria Beckham Pixie Hair

14. Short Red Straight Hair

Short Red Pixie Hair

15. Short Trendy Pixie Dark Hair

Best Short Trendy Pixie Hair

16. Short Pixie Hair for Women

Best Short Hair Women Pixie

17. Long Dark Pixie Cut

Best Long Pixie Cuts

18. Shaved Spiked Pixie Cut

Stylish Shaved Pixie Cut

19. Straight Pixie Ginger Cut

Best Straight Pixie Cut

20. Short Hair with Headband

Short Pixie Hair Headband

21. Black Hair with Pixie

Black Hair Pixie Cuts

22. Blonde Pixie Bob Haircut

Best Pixie Bob Haircuts

23. Rihanna Dark Pixie Cut

Rihanna Pixie Hair Cuts

24. Short Dark Hair with Headband

Short Pixie Hair with Headband

25. Short Brown Pixie Straight Hair

Short Pixie Straight Hair Styles

26. Singer Blonde Pink Hairstyle

Singer Pink Pixie Hairstyles

27. Short Pixie Blonde Curly Hair

Short Pixie Curly Hair

28. Short Pixie Fire Hair Color for Girls

Short Pixie Fire Hair Color

29. Spiked Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Pixie Cut Hairstyles

30. Dark Brown Boyish Pixie Hairstyle

Dark Brown Pixie Hairstyles

31. Messy Long Dark Pixie Hairstyle

Messy Long Pixie Hairstyles

32. Smooth Straight Stylish Pixie Hairstyle

Straight Stylish Pixie Hairstyles

33. Short Highlighted Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Short Pixie Hairstyles for Thick Hair

34. Frankie Sandford Pixie Hair

Frankie Sandford Pixie Hair

35. Short Layered Hairstyle with Layers

Short Pixie Hairstyles with Layers

36. Short Orange Fine Pixie

Short Orange Pixie Hair

37. Blonde Layered Long Pixie Hairdo

Best Layered Long Pixie Hairdo

38. Short Pixie Haircut 2015

Best Pixie Haircut 2015

39. Blonde Trendy Pixie Haircut for Women

Blonde Trendt Pixie Haircut 2015

40. Silver Short Pixie Hair Idea

Silver Short Pixie Hair Ideas