15 Best Brown Pixie Cuts 2014 – 2015

The pixie haircut is still on trend and is the perfect way to leap out in the crowd. More and more women are plunging into the occasion to cut their hair short. So far, the pixie haircut is the top choice for many. Getting a pixie hair cut will really allow you to enjoy a lot of advantages. First, this looks very attractive. You can still look very feminine even if your hair is short. Second, it works for both formal occasions and casual days. Just using the right accessory will already make your style appropriate and lovely to where you are heading to. Third, it is way too easy to maintain with brown hair color. Don’t forget about your hair color to take your hairstyle to a whole new level. In this article, there are some charming pixie hairstyle. Get inspired from these 15 Best Brown Pixie Cuts 2014 – 2015!

1. Pixie Brown Hair Side View

Pixie Brown Hair Cut 2015

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2. Cute Pixie Brown Hair

Cute Pixie Brown

3. Brown Side Parted Pixie Cut

Brown Pixie Cuts Ideas

4. Short Brown Fine Pixie Cut

Short Brown Pixie Cut Girls

5. Cute Short Brown Pixie with Headband

Short Brown Pixie Hair with Headband

6. Celeb Short Brown Fine Pixie

Short Brown Fine Pixie Cuts 2015

7. Short Brown Straight Pixie 2014-2015

Short Brown Straight Pixie 2014-2015

8. Ginger Best Brown Pixie 2014

Best Brown Pixie Cut 2014

9. Classy Straight Brown Pixie Idea

Classy Brown Pixie 2014

10. Brown Pixie Cut with Bangs for Girls

Brown Pixie Cut with Bangs 2015

11. Asian Brown Pixie Cut Hair

Asian Brown Pixie Cut

12. Brown Aymmetrical Pixie Cut for Girls

Brown Pixie Cut for Girls Styles

13. Anne Hathaway Brown Casual Pixie Cut

Brown Casual Pixie Cut Ideas

14. Smooth Light Brown Pixie Cut

Light Brown Pixie Cut Style

15. Slicked Back Short Pixie French Twist

Short Pixie French Twist Styles