20 Best Celebrities with Pixie Cuts

In the ever-changing world of celebrity hairstyles, one trend stands above the rest. But it takes a certain amount of courage to go all the way. Over the years, a slew of stars have stepped out with pixie cuts. From Shailene Woodley to Jennifer Lawrence to Pamela Anderson, the pixie cut has become a new favorite among A-Listers, who can’t wait to cut off their famous tresses for this edgy new hairdo. The cut makes a brave statement, and these ladies pull them off with style and sophistication. Check out 20 Best Celebrities with Pixie Cuts we love. Which one is your favorite?

1. Emma Watson Pixie Cut

Best Celebrities with Pixie Cuts

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2. Blonde Pixie Cut Celebrity

Chic Pixie Cut Celebrities

3. Celebrity with Side Parted Pixie Haircut

Celebrities with Pixie Dark Haircuts

4. Celebrity Short Pixie Cut

Chic Celebrities Pixie Cut

5. Jennifer Lawrence Blonde Pixie Cut

Celebrities Blonde Pixie Cut

6. Celebrity Trendy Dark Pixie Cut

Celebrities Trendy Pixie Cut

7. Celebrity Highlighted Pixie Cut with Crown

Celebrities Highlighted Pixie Cuts

8. Celebrity Straight Fine Pixie Cut

Celebrities Straight Pixie Cuts

9. Anne Hathaway Dark Pixie Cut

Celebrities Dark Pixie Cuts

10. Celebrity Blonde Pixie Hair Cut

Celebrities Blonde Pixie Hair Cuts

11. Celebrity Stylish Twisted Pixie Cut

Celebrities Stylish Pixie Cuts

12. Miley Cyrus Blonde Long Pixie

Celebrities Long Pixie Cut

13. Celebrity Grey Very Short Pixie

Celebrities Very Short Pixie Cuts

14. Celebrity with Long Curly Pixie

Celebrities Long Curly Pixie Cuts

15. Victoria Beckham Short Straight Pixie

Celebrities Short Straight Pixie Cuts

16. Audrey Tautou Think Long Pixie

Celebrities Think Long Pixie Cuts

17. Celebrity Blonde Fine Hair Long Pixie

Celebrities Fine Hair Long Pixie Cuts

18. Celebrity Short Ginger Pixie Thin Hair

Celebrities Short Pixie Thin Haircuts

19. Celebrity with Pixie Thin Straight Hair

Celebrities Pixie Thin Straight Hair Cuts

20. Anne Hathaway Cute Pixie Hair

Celebrities Cute Pixie Hair Cuts