30 Long Pixie Haircuts

The pixie cut pushed its way to the top of the popularity charts for the year 2015, and have been continued to make a strong outlook for 2016 too; and we couldn’t be happier! Long pixie hairstyles are a beautiful way to wear short hair. Pixie long hair cuts are effortlessly sweet, framing the face exquisitely and creating an total fun, bouncy, and modern style. When spring weather actually rolls around, we want to be prepared with a brand new, incredible long pixie haircut! Here we share the best 30 Long Pixie Haircuts. Choose the right length, color, and texture to get a customized pixie that is great for you.

1. Long Messy Pixie Cut

Long Pixie Cuts Girls

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2. Long Blonde Pixie Haircut

Long Blonde Pixie Haircuts

3. Long Thick Pixie Hairstyle

Cute Long Pixie Hairstyles

4. Funky Pixie Long Haircut

Nice Pixie Long Haircut

5. Long Dark Pixie Cut

Best Long Pixie Cut

6. Long Pixie Bob Thick Cut

Long Pixie Bob Haircuts

7. Long Layered Dark Pixie Cut

Long Layered Pixie Hair Cut

8. Short Shaved Side Long Pixie Cut

Short Side Long Pixie Haircuts

9. Trendy Fire Red Colored Long Pixie Haircut

Trendy Colored Long Pixie Haircuts

10. Stylish Long Twisted Pixie Haircut

Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts

11. Ombre Long Straight Pixie Haircut

Ombre Long Pixie Haircuts

12. Long Different Pastel Colored Pixie Haircut

Long Different Colored Pixie Haircuts

13. Nice Long Highlighted Pixie Haircut

Nice Long Pixie Haircuts

14. Long Pixie Thick Brown Haircut

Long Pixie Thick Haircuts

15. Long Red Pixie Bob Style Haircut

Best Long Pixie Bob Style Haircuts

16. Long Graduated Dark Pixie Haircut

Long Graduated Pixie Haircuts

17. Long Pastel Blue Straight Pixie Haircut

Long Pastel Blue Pixie Haircuts

18. Sexy Woman with Long Pixie Haircut

Womens Long Pixie Haircut

19. Cute Long Messy Pixie Haircut

Long Messy Pixie Haircut

20. Charming Straight Long Messy Pixie Haircut

Straight Long Messy Pixie Haircut

21. Trendy Long Asymmetrical Brown Pixie Haircut

Trendy Long Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

22. Chelsea Kane Long Layered Straight Pixie Haircut

Long Layered Straight Pixie Haircut

23. Charming Long Layered Pixie Spiky Look Haircut

Best Long Layered Pixie Spiky Look Haircut

24. Short Blonde Pixie Hair

Short Hair Blonde Hair Pixie

25. Stylish Long Brown Pixie Haircut Idea

Stylish Long Pixie Haircut Ideas

26. Alluring Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Blonde Long Pixie Cut

27. Julianne Hough Long Pixie Style

Julianne Hough Long Pixie Haircuts

28. Cute Long Pixie with Headband

Best Cute Short Haircuts Long Pixie

29. Best Messy Long Pixie Hairstyle for Girls

Best Messy Long Pixie Hairstyles

30. Long Dark Pixie Hair with Bangs

Long Pixie Hairstyles with Bangs