10 New Edgy Pixie Cuts

Winter is the time of changes or renewal, and sensible female nature can’t help responding to them. So, it’s the right moment to refresh your haircut, isn’t it? What’s one of the hottest hairstyles of this year? Edgy pixie cuts. We’re talking totally wild and appealing pixie styles that are completely different from the ‘norm’. They reflect a strong individuality and may be opposed to feminine romantic styles with soft flowing lines and stylish textures. We have gathered the best 10 New Edgy Pixie Cuts here, so, you are welcome to have a look.

1. Wavy Edgy Pixie Cut

New Edgy Pixie Cuts

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2. Dark Straight Edgy Pixie

Dark Edgy Pixie

3. Sleek Edgy Pixie Haircut

Best Edgy Pixie Haircuts

4. Shaved Edgy Spiked Pixie Haircut

Shaved Edgy Pixie Haircut

5. Ginger Edgy Long Pixie Haircut

Edgy Long Pixie Haircut

6. Edgy Straight Blonde Pixie Haircut

Edgy Straight Pixie Haircut

7. Edgy Pixie Curly Blonde Haircut

Edgy Pixie Curly Haircut


8. Trendy Fine Edgy Pixie Haircut

Trendy Edgy Pixie Haircut

9. Thick Edgy Pixie Dark Haircut

Edgy Pixie Dark Haircut

10. Long Layered Edgy Pixie Haircut

Layered Edgy Pixie Haircut