10+ Sexy Pixie Cuts

Is your hairstyle boring you? Go for bold with one of these sexy pixie cut! While we’re often game to take the risks when it comes to dining, dating, and even our stock options, why is it that we always take the safe route when it comes to our hair? The pixie style cut is becoming more and more popular as more women get their hair cut into this boyish-yet-still-feminine-style. In fact, the pixie is so popular. Celebrities are also impressed with pixie hairstyles and most of them have tried this haircut. They are looking sexy and trendy in this hairstyle. Here are 10+ Sexy Pixie Cuts. You’ll see examples of the choppy, texturized pixie throughout this article.

1. Sexy Reddish Pixie Cut

Best Sexy Pixie Cuts


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2. Dark Sexy Pixie Cut

Nice Sexy Pixie Cut

3. Sexy Platinum Blonde Pixie Hairdo

Sexy Pixie Hairdo

4. Sexy Red Pixie Haircut

Best Sexy Pixie Haircut


5. Sexy Copper Side Parted Pixie Cut

Sexy Copper Pixie Cuts

6. Messy Sexy Messy Pixie Cut

Messy Sexy Pixie Cut

7. Sexy Brown Pixie with Long Bangs

Sexy Brown Pixie Cuts

8. Side Shaved Sexy Pixie Haircut with Undercut

Side Shaved Sexy Pixie Haircut

9. Blonde Sexy Straight Pixie Cut

Blonde Sexy Pixie Cuts

10. Sexy Very Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Sexy Very Short Pixie Cuts

11. Halle Berry Short Spiked Pixie Cut

Halle Berry Short Pixie Cuts

12. Best Long Pixie Cut

Best Pixie Cuts Ideas