30 Trend Pixie Hairstyles

Are you daring enough to go for the chop? The pixie cut is still on trend and is the perfect way to draw the attention in the crowd. Getting one of the latest, short pixie hairstyles is a sure way to add some youthful style and draw attention to your face – especially your eyes! So whether you want a new pixie style that easy to protect or a contemporary cut to bring you up-to-the minute, there’s a gorgeous 30 Trend Pixie Hairstyle gallery just waiting for you to discover it!

1. Trendy Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Trendy Pixie Hairstyles

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2. Spiky Pixie Thick Hairstyle

Pixie Thick Hairstyle


3. Grey Pixie Wavy Hairstyle

Pixie Wavy Hair StylesSource

4. Chic Pixie Style with Headband

Chic Pixie Styles

5. Cute Brown Pixie Style

Cute Pixie Styles

6. Platinum Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Blonde Pixie Hairstyles

7. Fine Pixie Hairstyle with Bangs

Fine Pixie Hairstyles

8. Best Short Pixie Hairstyle

Best Pixie Hairstyles

9. Dark Thick Pixie Hairstyle

Dark Pixie Hairstyles

10. Dark Curly Pixie Hair

Curly Pixie Hairstyles

11. Short Straight Pixie Hair with Bangs

Short Straight Pixie Hairstyles

12. Stylish Blonde Wavy Pixie Hair

Stylish Blonde Pixie Hairstyles

13. Cool Messy Pixie Cut Hair

Cool Pixie Cut Hairstyles

14. Mia Farrow Ginger Pixie Cut Hair

Mia Farrow Pixie Cut Hair


15. Long Curly Blonde Pixie Cut Hair

Curly Blonde Pixie Cut Hairstyles

16. Best Cute Short Pixie Cut Hair

Best Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles

17. Michelle Williams Straight Pixie Hair

Michelle Williams Pixie Hairstyles

18. Very Short Bleached Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Very Short Pixie Hairstyles

19. Long Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Long Pixie Hairstyles

20. Fine Pixie Hairstyle for Older Women

Short Pixie Hairstyles for Older Women

21. Trendy Long Copper Pixie Hairstyle

Trendy Long Pixie Hairstyles

22. Thick Black Pixie Hairstyle

Black Pixie Hairstyles

23. Evan Rachel Wood Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Evan Rachel Wood Pixie Hairstyles

24. Thick Textured Pixie Hairstyle

Textured Pixie Hairstyles

25. Spiked Red Pixie Hairstyle

Red Pixie Hairstyles

26. 2015 Trendy Dark Pixie Hairstyle

2015 Trendy Pixie Hairstyles

27. Super Short Pixie Hairstyle 2014

Super Pixie Hairstyles 2014

28. Drew Barrymore Cute Pixie Hairstyle

Drew Barrymore Pixie Hairstyles

29. Trend Blonde Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Trend Blonde Pixie Hairstyles 2015

30. Trendy Brown Pixie Hairstyle for Women

Trendy Pixie Hairstyles for Women